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Searching for the cheapest electricity supply

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Looking for the cheapest electricity supply should be simple. You check what each company is charging keypad and credit customers for a unit of electricity and, depending on what service you want, you make your choice accordingly. 
But the selection of the best value deals h...

Searching for the best value electricity deals

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What should you be looking out for with the new tariffs?Obviously the unit rate is very important and the more electricity you use the more important it becomes. But many rates are banded within a narrow range from 17.5 pence to 18.5 pence. So a key thing to look out for is wha...

How green is my supplier

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Click Energy emerges as the greenest domestic supplier in Northern Ireland. Each megawatt hour of power it supplies has 115 kg of carbon content. Second is SSE Airtricity with a carbon content of 295kg 
Suppliers have been able to offer less environmentally damaging power beca...
Home heat
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