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Offshore wind farm plan abandoned

In a surprise move the company aiming to build Northern Ireland’s first major offshore wind farm has cancelled its plans saying it cannot meet a key Government deadline First Flight Wind, a consortium involving B9 Energy and giant Danish company D...

Last updated on 11/05/2016

Wholesale energy price index at four year low

After moving sideways for a couple of months, the wholesale cost of energy lurched downwards by six per cent in October. The firmus energy Index which monitors a basket of key prices in Northern Ireland dropped to 108, its lowest point in just over...

Last updated on 11/05/2016

Savings from switching power supplier

Now that the electricity suppliers have settled on their new rates, how much can you save on your annual bill if you’re prepared to opt for a new offering? Quite a bit. If you were on the least competitive rate available and you switched to SSE Ai...

Last updated on 11/05/2016

Short circuiting wind farms

Since writing about the chance of the forty per cent renewable electricity target not being achieved by 2020, I am becoming more and more convinced we will fall short. By how much it’s impossible to say. Just to recap; the Department of Enterprise...

Last updated on 11/05/2016

Renewable power target in doubt?

Is the Executive’s target of generating 40% of our electricity from renewable sources by 2020 at risk? I ask the question because DETI is currently looking at the costs and benefits of reaching that goal. Now, just because the Department is examin...

Last updated on 11/05/2016

Power Price Uncertainty

So electricity prices are not going up. Power NI announced they wouldn’t be changing their tariff for households. And that decision was quickly followed by SSE Airtricity which said it too would be holding its charges. You’ll note that Power NI di...

Last updated on 11/05/2016

Competition on trial

Is there effective competition in the retail markets for gas and electricity? That's the question posed by the Energy Regulator in a new study. If there's not , there's the promise to make changes.I can help them with the first part of their task. On...

Last updated on 11/05/2016

Switch and Save

Standard domestic prices have moved so close together that, aside from the availability of some one or two year contracts, the savings from moving from one supplier to another are quite limited. That is frustrating for households that want to save mo...

Last updated on 11/05/2016

Rates move closer together

The decision by Electric Ireland to hike its rates by ten per cent has left the Northern Ireland domestic power market less competitive. Before this increase the company, broadly speaking, offered the most attractive charges on the market. Now changi...

Last updated on 11/05/2016

Charges frozen

The Competition Commission has stood by its initial decision to impose a tough price control on NIE.The firm which had robustly contested the Commission's proposals has said it will accept the judgment.The move means that the 20% to 25% of household ...

Last updated on 11/05/2016

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