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Scope for savings

Electricity charges are coming down following a fall in wholesale prices. The cuts are not as big as one might have hoped. Partly that’s because a drop in demand for electricity, driven by the coronavirus crisis, has led to the smearing of fixed cost...

Published on 30/06/2020

Repowering Kilroot with gas turbines boosts security of supply but Grid Operator still stresses importance of N/S Interconnector

The SONI Managing Director welcomes the upcoming conversion of Kilroot Power Station from coal to gas. Jo Aston says the development will help reduce our carbon footprint and secure longterm jobs. Acknowledging that the installation at the site of tw...

Published on 11/06/2020

Professor calls for halt to new fossil fuel development

Geraint Ellis, a Professor in the School of Natural and Built Environment at Queen's University, has expressed his opposition to a further extension of the natural gas network and the creation of more power stations. In an interview with,...

Published on 22/05/2020

Fall in demand limited size of Power NI price cut

The Electricity Regulator has welcomed the near 5% reduction in Power NI's tariff. The decrease which will come into effect at the start of July will reduce the average household domestic electricity bill by close to £30. However Jenny Pyper says the...

Published on 12/05/2020

Head of NIRIG sets out ambitious target for renewable electricity

The head of NIRIG, Steven Agnew, says Northern Ireland should aim to generate 80% of its power needs from renewable electricity by 2030. The former Green Party leader also says NI will have to play its part along with the rest of the UK in reaching n...

Published on 06/05/2020

Will the cost of electricity come down

On Sunday April 5, the main wholesale market here for electricity went negative. Instead of paying, people got paid, for taking supplies of power from the Day Ahead Market. Now that’s not that unusual. There have been short periods before where charg...

Last updated on 16/04/2020

Smart grid offers cost savings to Coleraine householders

Residents of a public sector housing estate in Coleraine are to be offered the chance to get access to free, green electricity for about a year and a half after their area was chosen to be part of Northern Ireland’s first smart grid.  Around a hun...

Published on 24/02/2020

Energy issues facing us in 2020

A new decade doesn’t necessarily usher in a new era but as far as energy is concerned 2020 is set to be the start of a revolution in how we heat our homes, travel to work and transport our goods. Driving the change is a UK Government commitment to ca...

Published on 21/01/2020

A new opportunity to cut electricity bills

The domestic electricity market has been getting more competitiveA new keenly priced tariff has been launched by Budget Energy called Bill Pay Budget Advantage.At first glance though it doesn’t look much of a draw. The headline rate is not especially...

Published on 19/01/2020

Help shape new NI energy strategy urge Stormont officials

The process of replacing Northern Ireland’s out of date energy strategy has taken another step forward.An appeal to energy professionals, academics and consumer representatives for ideas to help inform and shape a new energy framework has been launch...

Last updated on 06/05/2020

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