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Electric shock

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For those who keep an eye on the cost of energy, recent developments in the wholesale markets have raised a few eyebrows. Oil, gas and now electricity have been rising sharply in price.
For much of this year the wholesale price* of a unit of electricity remained around three ...

Confused and contradictory energy policy

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On those days when the sun is shining but the wind isn’t blowing, our wind turbines sit idle.At ten thirty this morning wind farms were meeting just two per cent of our electricity demand. Filling the gap have been generators burning gas but also coal. Kilroot Power Station which use...

How big is the heating oil industry

How big is Northern Ireland’s heating oil market? As far as I know there are no official figures but on the basis of some national energy statistics, it’s possible to make a reasonable guess.
Across the UK on average 1,970,000 tonnes of so called burning oil is consumed...
Home heat
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