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Protecting against price rise risks with a fixed rate tariff

Should you take the opportunity to fix the price of your electricity tariff? The option is there thanks to Budget Energy. Their Keypad Budget Advantage deal allows customers who pre pay their power bills the chance to lock down the unit rate for a ...

Last updated on 14/11/2019

Rise in sales of electric and hybrid cars

We’ve been in the slow lane as far as the take up of electric and hybrid cars is concerned but are now beginning to pick up speed. The latest figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) released to show that combine...

Last updated on 14/11/2019

Bright future forecast for offshore wind farms

Rosy pictures are often painted for the future of renewables but what makes this latest one stand out is the astonishing contribution it predicts the offshore wind industry is poised to make.The International Energy Agency says by only using sites cl...

Last updated on 07/11/2019

Is this a solution to intermittency of renewables

A reliable electricity system based almost wholly on renewables is not just a lot of hot air, it’s a lot of cold air. UK based Highview Power’s solution to the intermittency of green sources of power is cryogenic technology relying on chilled air.  ...

Last updated on 06/05/2020

Cheapest way to heat your home

What is the cheapest way to heat your home? I’ve been comparing four fuels which over the years have been commonly used for central heating. The current league leader by a small margin is coal in the form of anthracite grains or beans which can been ...

Last updated on 07/11/2019

Searching for the cheapest electricity supply

Looking for the cheapest electricity supply should be simple. You check what each company is charging keypad and credit customers for a unit of electricity and, depending on what service you want, you make your choice accordingly. But the selection o...

Last updated on 07/11/2019

Need for more transparency on costs

Should we be concerned about the price increases in the domestic electricity market which have just taken place? Most were quite modest varying from around six to eight per cent. In cash terms from £32 to £44 a year. That’s less than a pound a week, ...

Last updated on 07/11/2019

Searching for the best value electricity deals

What should you be looking out for with the new tariffs?Obviously the unit rate is very important and the more electricity you use the more important it becomes. But many rates are banded within a narrow range from 17.5 pence to 18.5 pence. So a key ...

Last updated on 07/11/2019

How green is my supplier

Click Energy emerges as the greenest domestic supplier in Northern Ireland. Each megawatt hour of power it supplies has 115 kg of carbon content. Second is SSE Airtricity with a carbon content of 295kg Suppliers have been able to offer less environme...

Last updated on 07/11/2019

Can you really save money from switching your electricity supplier? The answer is yes but it may take a bit of effort.The reason that choosing the best deal has become more challenging is that most of the effective unit rates currently on offer are i...

Last updated on 08/10/2019

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Home heating costs compared

Switching from one form of central heating to another is a challenging decision. Should you stay or should you go. It’s worthwhile checking how different fuels compare in price though past results are no guarantee of future performance.


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